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Date de parution : 24/07/2012

Durée : 0:06:14

Style : Rock

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A giant bright eagle has come
On me and taken away my universe
I find myself in trouble now
I put my soul in irresponsible hands

Exhausted i no longer try to reveal myself
And i no longer want to free my soul
But i must not forget all what i did for us
This way i feel myself irreplaceable

You had finally come to death
And you will never come to life again
Burn ego's black reality
Bring on the light i want to see your face

I feel the end is near for me my world goodbye
People of the dead, i join you
In this confusion i don't even recall my name
There is something inside i want to reveal

I feel like i'm a part of this
And this a part of me
I know one must have confidence
I will overcome

From now on i'm "this", and not "me"
I feel like i'm rising from the dead
From up here i see my inner world is dying
I'll overcome my pain

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