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Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide,
No escape from reality

(verse 1)
I got banned from youtube
For death wish
While niggaz flooded the airwaves
With fake shit

Like facades their flow
Mirage and makeshift

Trying hard to sabotage
My spaceship

A shooting star
I'm shooting hard
For greatness

Underdogged and overlooked
In most cases

Still i hit a grand slam
Covered all the bases
Still you motherfuckas overlook me
For the basic

From tragedy to triumph
No victory for victims
No struggle then no muscle
No pity for a quitter

You niggaz though
I'm really quitting
How the fuck you figure?

This is a new beginning
From an old ending

This ain't the 4th quarter
Nor the 9th inning

For this street reporter
This is the hall of horrors

Only my own rendition
The sum of all fears, bitch
Deluxe edition

I got you rappers wishing...

Sometimes wish i've never been born
Sometimes wish i've never been born
Sometimes wish i've never been born
Sometimes wish i've never been born
At all....

(verse 2)
Our father
Our bother
Our problem
In a game of russian roulette
I'm the gold revolver

The king of sorrow
Enough tears to lend tomorrow

Life sucks, my nigga
Your momma should've swallowed

From your father's wood
Life isn't good

Can't explain anything
It's all misunderstood

The united states
Trying to be god
Fucked up and burnt korans
Now we in jihad

Then you go to church
Then they try to make you think
God is gonna open up the sky
And intervene

If you really read the book
Then you know the plan

Man will destroy himself
By his own hand

As the end gets nearer
My visions clearer

This ain't your average album
I'm not your average nigga

The world is getting sicker
So many people dying
Because we all gave up
Your kids are sick of trying

(hook x1)

I wish (every hater in the world would just die)
I wish (all my enemies commit suicide)
I wish (instead of being born, i wish i would've died)
I wish (i didn't have to go to hell and then fry)

(hook to end)

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