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pochette album Death wish
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Date de parution : 07/04/2009

Durée : 0:03:24

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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I 6 on that way left shit 6etta get rye or get left shit 6etter hit rye or get left hit even if ya do tha 6est pitch yes 6itch its weezy f 6itch im tha 6est 6itch muthafucc yo guest list i 6 like lets jus kill em n get 6reakfast im exit i mean excited ta 6 ya deathwish 6itch i wear this g shit on my heart not my necc lace n i keep tha hechler fa hekless n im 4rm tha maker of tha wrekless wit tha record breakin debtless think tha election wont affect this im high above u above law a6ove everage niggas snitchin put niggas n a can like a beverage damn i pop at cha head fucc up ya memories i putta 6ullet n nina head n let her reminisce yea if ya dont remem6er shit ya gon reme6er this im knokin niggas down this year im on my tim6er shit 6ig lion growl at chu niggas on that sim6a shit i 6 like fucc yo clict i kill every mem6er shit cold as decem6er shit 6ang n any weather shit n they can 6uy ya bacc 6ody parts sold seperate yea thats a 6et 6itch like russian rullet 6itch weezy 6 tha geni n tha 6ottle heres ya death wish

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