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Ever heard of that man from a gutter whose life composure is what he want to gather
He has been down and up a few times but to count may are the times he has been down more turns
And if it was yours now accept that's its our turn and we are not here just to have fun
Many said i could make it if i can but when i did they all said yes you can
Others said no even if i was given a chance and said it be a waste of time
But i just don't care a bout they say all i want is to live my day by day even if i don't have to please every body
Its either you please all and allow yourself to become a nobody if you please every body
If you don't know we love may be you never cared to ask and life is fragile like a flask
Do what you do with composure while you are on this earth and there will generally be a path
When you feel you have reached you final destination ask almighty for an extension we set our self free with no tension
This is for decade and decade not only for now but for decade to come
Its all for decade and we are all like comrades

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