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Deathspell Omega

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Extreme ritual of carnal pleasure breaking
The chains of dignity
Human bodies become the temples of impurity
Embrace a shape of living blasphemy
Celebrate forbidden practices, bearers of immortality
Fell fascination for intence debautchery
As a father rapes his daughter and sun
As women spread legs for goats and dogs
Smash down the mortals of christ
Indulgein perverted practices, praise sins!
Fill your body with the quintessence of perversion!
Nothing is vile enough, nothing too extreme,
For beyond the limits of that which is grotesque
Torture and pleasure, sperm comes with death
See the face of jesus so sad
The sun of god cries for his legacy with tears of cum!
Flout innocence!spit on virtue!
Their will is broken by humilation
Burning crusifix penetrating virgin vaginas
Scream of ecstasy!
See the triumph of our lord!
As they all embrace angel of decadence!

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