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The Twilight Singers

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Date de parution : 01/01/2003

Durée : 0:04:1

Style : Alternative

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Down around the corner
Lives a naughty little girl
Who clicks her tongue
I love the way she talk

She pay no attention
Knows i'm one of them sad boys
Who's hypnotized by
Girls who walk the walk

I'm no good and i like it
And the end is comin' soon
Above, the lion
Is hungry for the dark side of the

Decatur, complicator, i want a little more
The savior of misbehavior
It's alright, circle tight, say goodnight
Hit the town, yeah, hit the town, yeah

Up high the sky is dark and wide
Tonight it looks like it's gonna fall
Are you all alone or shall i squire you home
Or would you rather see me crawl?

I know what i had and i know what i got
Maybe my soul is like a vacant lot shot

Baby, it's complicated
Though i'll never know
A favor to run away, you wanna party?
You wanna party? you wanna?

Do ya, do ya wanna roll with me?
Do ya, do ya, do ya wanna roll with me?
'cause i'm juvenile, impractical
And i'll make you cry, hysterical

You wanna ride? ain't nuthin' free
See somethin' you like, you've gotta pay me
You've gotta pay me, sure, you've gotta pay me
You've gotta pay me or play me
Girl, you've gotta pay me now

Pay me now, pay me now
Pay me later, you're gonna pay me, girl
Pay me now, pay me now
You'll pay me later, you'll pay me later
You're gonna pay me, girl

You're going to, you're going to
You're going to pay me

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