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Date de parution : 17/02/2006

Durée : 0:03:03

Style : Rock

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Created with the rubbish of morality
I was only your brother but
Now i'm a spirit i'm a nightmare
Still born of humanity
A rotten child addicted to sluts
I disgust you but i don't care
Incarnation of the plague
Society's creation!

Decease my life. decease...

Tomorrow is nothing
Just an illusion of the future
Since my dreams are bleeding
The drop of my blood's fever.

Decease my life. decease...

Addicted to perversion
Watching the world suffer
Gives me satisfaction...
Gives me an erection... :-)

I'm sorry, i apologise
Cause i know that
My personality disturbs
Your everyday live's false morality
I'm here to kick your fucking ass

Politics is a goddamn art of lies!
I crap on religion
Morality is a holy prison of mind!
Break the law, it's time for action

Decease my life. decease...

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