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I Am Alpha And Omega

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Date de parution : 05/09/2010

Durée : 0:02:55

Style : Alternative

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(chorus: )
We've lost our ground,
To the one we call deceiver, (deceiver)
This dead and stagnant line,
We must grab hold and push it back, (we'll push it back)
Our minds have lost connection,
With whats inside our heart (what's inside your heart?)
We've been picked up and lifted high,
We've been forgiven much,
Help us to conquer and regain,
We will regain this ground,

And hell will hear,
The roar in our hearts,
And in our hearts, light that will blind their eyes


How can a man be saved,
If all we are is four walls,
How can we love and birth change,
If pride is on our lips.

How can a man be saved
(fades out)

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