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Axis Of Advance

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Date de parution : 28/01/2014

Durée : 0:03:54

Style : Heavy Metal

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We watched and we waited;
Patiently biding our time.
Allowing you to sow in our fields,
Knowing we would desecrate your crops.

As fruits came to bear we descended as fog in the night
Choking our your right to exist
While you fought to the death for the scraps

And wholly impure

Wasted, you can only fight amongst yourselves.
That is, if we allow you to.

As you attempt to break yourself free
Our grip intensifies, we entertain your pleas
Lined up, one by one, a train of mercy -
Begging, teary eyed, on your hands and knees.

One by one,
One by one,
One by one, the deceivers are purged
One by one,
One by one,
One by one, the deceivers are purged

Puppets, your downfall is complete
Transpiring to our design
With hatred your pitiful fate
Is finally sealed in totality.

Your existence extinguished;
Our strength, not numbers, will tell.
Arise, elite forces of hate!
Intolerance for deceivers - destroy now!

And wholly impure

Splinter now, be gone!
Back to your miserable holes!
That was all you were born to do.
You're dead.

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