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Tell ya leaders that i need some proof
Way beyond the common signs
I'm trynna seek the truth
Nobody seems to understand the shit that we could do,
As a group you barely focus on the better you
We've all given up, just go look at them planes in the sky and you'll see the death of us
Chemicals is frying our mind till its nothing left on 'em
Like don't we stress enough?
No wonder we been messin' up, no wonder why we can't focus, sippin' out the devils cup...and liken' it
No wonder why we been diving in
This mutha fuckin crisis feelin we were the only five percent that's holding all this fuckin weight
Another day inside this bitch, i swear that i'mma fuckin break
So should i try again?
Would you listen if i told you we could fight and win?
We askin' why try instead of why ammend,
And we don't ever try to look and that's why they ain't hidin shit

Light it on december 31st then i, then i, hold it in till next year
(just so if the world ends i could die blowed)
I'm sayin' fuck this shit anyway, i wasn't born here anyway
We're not the same, same...same, same
I wasn't supposed to live anyway
Them racist mutha fuckas wanted me dead
We're not the same, same, same

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