Paroles de Deception

Front Line Assembly

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Date de parution : 05/10/1999

Durée : 0:06:13

Style : Electronic

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Sedated with fluid
Wait for the pain

Temperature rising
Nothing to gain

Riddled with pills
The brain starts
To bleed

Dissolved in the rising
Kills all their needs


Another day passes
Another dream falls
Despondent whispers
Tear down the walls

Walking through minefields
Move straight ahead
A frantic implosion
Rops through your head

Collapsed from the inside
The wound is deep

A drug of sorrow
Afraid to speek

A creeping distinction
The man next door

Permanent meltdown
Head on the floor


Fill the need
It will oultast you
Fill the need
It's gonna blast you
Fill the need
It's gonna need you
Fill the need

1x chorus:

Right about now
You're gonna move it
Right about now
You're gonna lose it
Right about now
You're gonna do it
Right about now
You'll push thru it

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