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Till The Last Breath

pochette album Declaration
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Date de parution : 04/07/2013

Durée : 0:03:19

Style : Alternative

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Stepping out of this hole
We are grinding through the mass
Burning bright
No end in sight
Scars keep getting old
Heavy stones left on the heart
Smiles from all of them double faces
No room for tears guilt or hesitation
A russian roulette with fate
My only dedication
Do you really believe that words last forever
Tell me what are you standing for
There's something about this you forgot
You can't tear down what will not fall
As we spit our own blood you spit your envy
Stories we already heard
Since this struggle is ours we're standing too tall
Your words like bombs will just sink your boat
You can crush all my bones
Tear out my lungs but sure as hell you'll never have this heart
Crush all my bones
Tear out these lungs
Trust me you'll never have my heart
Are you really sure your words last forever
No they won't

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