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'where are you with the brain, y'know i've been studying this thing inside an' out and i really can't get a hold'

'excuse me, this is my point with the brain, at the end of the day, at the end of the day, you could take anything! a benign object of any sortyou could take anything, you could take a cheeseburger and deconstruct it to its source'


Love meat!

I want to eat myself as the flesh of ancient gods!

What's the point of this? where's the happiness we've been promised?

Drugs sex and money? fine.

Oooh, then i need to get myself some good drugs
Then when i get the moneyladies will all know that i'm the maaaannn
'cause i ain't gonna be questing for sex if i an't livin' in poverty and i an't got no disease
In fact you could say i was a logical choice!
Wooah! just look at him, and look at her! ha!
Running in the circles and then opening the bar!

Bar's closed boys, i'm an artist!

So, with art without heart,
We will never know the songs!
(we will neverwe will never)
With art, without heart
We will never know! we will never know!

'it's just terrifying! there's nothing but reality! an infinite void of nothing! where do we fit!? where's the lines.?!? i can't even find my own mind! ...i can't find!'

Enough! i've had it up to here, and i am not afraid of fear!
Enough! i've had it up to here,
...just get it out of your system!

Show me...

So you'd love to run from pain?
So you've gone and you've closed off from god.
Closed off from your true nature in 'i'.
Closed off to your own self!

Now, on the border of the broken chasm, the infamy of man was stretched along.
Beholding as they descend, and the reign of man is fleeting!
Enraptured in an illusion in which we all belong,
And our purpose is acknowledgement of the void?!?
Then void on me in waveforms!

Did you ever had one of thosethose days?

Shit a brick!

(i know, why i know why i know i am)
(i know, why i know why i know i am)

Waveforms of waveforms, vibration waveform, way of the waveforms of vibration.

'here it comesshow me!'

'woah! good lord, it's a cheeseburger!'

'a double!'

All beef patties, pickles onions on a sesame seed bun!
All beef patties, pickles onions on a sesame seed bun!
(oh glorious cheeseburgerwe bow to thee. the secrets of the universe are between the buns...)
All beef patties, pickles onions on a sesame seed bun,


'but i don't eat the cheeseburgers guys, i'm a vegi-ma-tarian!'

Hit it!

There's like sex. and then there's like violence. and drugs. and crime. and beach? and god. and breasts. and chapters. and work. and money. and death. and taxes. and fame. and fortune. and ego. and beer.
Do you say beer? kanpai!

Beer! beer! beer!

I would like to discuss something with you

It's all bullshit!

(wanting 'i', wanting 'i')

Sorry, i'm sorry
So the words are coming down in rainbows!
Slow burn, there's no cover!
Confused? i'm so ashamed!
There's water... sew whey!


Clouds form over the rainbows over time!

'oh we're not done yet are we?'

'scuze meokgo!

You're in god!


Take your time,
Take your time,
Enjoy the ride...
All we are!

I am free how about you?

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