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They say they like my ink, i say that im flattered,
They ask me where i been i say i been getting tatted
They say they like my ink, i say that im flattered,
They ask me where i been i say i been getting tatted

I been getting tatted on the regular,
Decorations on my body i cant get enough,
Fuck a sleeve, i need me a jumper,
I aint gunna stop till im covered up

23 hours on my left arm,
19 hours on my right arm,
42 hours on my torso,
My nigga im calm,
Tell the police come get me, nigga its grievous bodily harm,
Mum said what about when you wanna get a 9 to 5 i told her i made it,
In a white vest screaming, get ink now before you die naked,
They say no alcohol before you get a tattoo but im intoxicated,
Back in the tattoo chair touching up a tatt that looks kinda faded,
Now im in bed with the wife and all i can think about is how much im in love with a needle,
Funny noises at night in my house and it sounds like resident evil
New tattoo on my chest so when i wear v-necks i rep my people
Im a true nigerian, let me put some more bepantham on my eagle
London city on my belly, im facing my fears
24/7 im getting inked up, them niggas are thinking of ideas
Ima take this pain until i pass out or i shed some tears
Doin it then, doin it now, doin it again il be doin it for years
Sexy, yeah



Always on time, you see the clock on my chest
3 quarter length shorts, see the tat on my leg
Check my ink gaze, none of my inks raised
Niggas heard about rakki they want the kinect
Man i run shit you can call me in charge, girls gassed off my skin i call it ink charm
Influencial sonny, woo that guy
And your chicks gota tat just to match mine
In the pen and paper yellow tray damn rounds
Counting grams with them same hands now
The right says believe, the left says achieve
Thats why these niggas got they hands out
Tats by the hour
No slow ting
You got 1 tat, thats a joke ting
I wanted new ink so i asked my income
She said chip your ok go and get that ink done


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