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(previously unreleased)

The golden cities once ?desperately loved to rose
From fathomless grey mass - blue lakes and abyssic mountains

Fear, for something that will gonna be
Fear, for something that will never (gonna happen)
Mercy and mighty echoes lamentation and tearing
From a voiceless face (without ending)

The shining towers of hy-brasyl ?earthy and heavenly paradise
Where men walked with gods ?and with beasts of the forest

Time when springtime and harvest
Were as one; flowers and fruits ?hung heavily on every bough
Like a dream beyond the dimensions
The wind was blowing like a lover touch
Caressing the highest towers
The mist like a sinful soul ?was searching its salvation

The time when hands moved
Only in grace and giving, the eyes smiled
The lips spoke with love without shame

Spirits travelling on a labyrinth
Without fear but passion ?bravery without bloodshed

Pictures from the past ?unspoken dreams of today
Mysterious visions for the future
It time you will learn from yourself

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