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Two Way Crossing

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Date de parution : 29/07/2014

Durée : 0:03:

Style : Country

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Sweet sweet summer sun busting through the blue sky
A little bit of heaven pourin down so let's fly
Out past 42 there's a cut through
Hike up through the weeds find a little creek

I wanna jump!
Jump in the deep end!
Get into something somewhere we aint been
Leave that little tank top hanging on that tree stump
Come on, come on, come on baby let's jump!
In to the deep end

Wanna see your tan lines baby while we drip dry
Scootch a little closer watch the clouds roll by
We can lay all day on a shade bank
Girl are you thinking, thinking what i think?!?


I wanna jump!
I wanna jump with you!

I wanna jump!
I wanna jump with you! (2x)