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Mclaren Malcolm

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Written by: malcolm mclaren/david lebolt
Introducing lourdes & willie ninja
This has got to be a special tribute to the houses of new york
Le beija, xtravaganza, magnifique, st. laurent, omni, ebony, dupree.
In my black tights just throwing shade
Doing this dance that some queen made
I remember the first time i saw it,
Told my brother to put me up on it,
It wasn't easy no 1, 2, 3
Took a long time to learn to feel free
But here i am vogueing pretty
In some club deep in this city
Deep in vogue, deep in vogue
Imagine runway modelling, in freeze frame
At the ball that's what they call vogueing
Vogueing is a challenge dance
Instead of fighting you take it out on the dance floor
10!, 10!, 10!, 10!, 10!, 10!, are there anymore!
Sometimes on a legendary night
Like the closing of the garage
When the crowd is calling down the spirits
Listen, and you will hear the footsteps of all the houses that walked there before'*
Deep in vogue, deep in vogue
The house of extravaganza the house of dupree
Who the hell are they?
They're nobody, except when they're in that little ballroom
*excerpted from chi chi valenti "nations" 1988 details magazine

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