Paroles de Deep oblivion

David Lowery

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Date de parution : 01/02/2011

Durée : 0:05:35

Style : Alternative

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A winter's night,
A creature, strange & bright
Appeared upon the porch in a dark storm.
The minister said,
"it's clearly mad in the head
Pay it no mind, it'll go away."

You & i were thinking about a place
Below the sea,
With stinging anemone,
Coral, bright & white.
& i was on a fast train to a deep oblivion.
You didn't try to stop me; no, you asked
To come along.

Come take the light
Of creatures of the deep;
Electric eels are fun, but tend to bite.
It rhymes with vivian.
Rust-red things look gray beneath the deep.

You & i were thinking about a decommissioned sub,
A place submarine,
We'd live life so serene.
We were on a fast train to a drunk oblivion
You bravely took my hand & we went merrily along.

Jets & boats,
Always found them fine.
The creature on the front porch can't unwind.
The sea captain said,
"i'll fix him up with this:
Gin & quinine keeps away malaise."

We were crossing english channels
In victorian times
In midget submarines
With parasols & twine.
& i was going under in some deep oblivion;
You bravely took my hand
& sweetly came along.

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