Paroles de Deep ocean, vast sea

Peter Murphy

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Date de parution : 20/03/2000

Durée : 0:04:08

Style : Rock

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Deep ocean, vast sea

Your ocean heart, clothed in respect
And sweet caress my uneasy mind
You dip and you swell, float and you find
And sweet caress my uneasy mind

Deep ocean, vast sea
Deep ocean, vast sea
Well, that's deep

Imagine a set of steps easily climbed
The tower of pride, the plastic of mind
Where there lies a table, the table stands
For the power of success, respect on the sign

Intelligence so cold, a heart like glass
From the surface to deep
You wave and you dive like the heart and the sun
You wave and you dive, you hold me so cold, you wave and you dive

Deep ocean, vast sea
Deep ocean, vast sea
Well, that's me

You're clothed in respect, you smell of sweet caress
Dip and swell beyond the power of fists
Your ocean heart healing uneasy minds
And i wanna dive in with you clinging to the rock

I'm waiting, i'm waiting, i'm waiting
And i'm waiting, i'm waiting

Deep ocean, vast sea
Deep ocean, vast sea
Well, that's deep

Your heart is hard, you think your legs hurt
You smell of aching sweet success
Your head's a supernova and you would like anything
To stop the pain from your finger screaming

And you stand, naked in the sun without leather
Whose pain you think you need
But all you need to do is undress
Let go and wash, take the steps to the other side

Up turned razors the air is thick with karma
The sutra of a way down, well listen boy
It's a long way down, down to heavens gate, to heaven gate
The steps, the steps to the tower of pride the devil lied

Dive up to the highest point
Where our lives are saved
Where all the lives on the table stand
Power to success respect and climb the steps

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