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Shout out my, my baby girls, my little cousins, all the little kids out there, praying, that we don't destroy our oceans so there's no waves for their kids... it's ok to be awkword

(verse 1)
They got a thousand leagues under the sea
And every single shade of color, til we kill the reef
Lobsters, caviar, on shark fins we feast
And put tropical fish tanks in our walls to see
There's no use in finding nemo to be captured for people
The real new orleans pelicans, those are my heroes
For every dolphin they catch, for every seal they club
Another message in a bottle gets lost in the suds
All that chemical runoff's, gon run back in the end
Whatchu think the hurricanes and tidal waves are my friends?
There's millions, a different species beneath our sales in the wind
We watched the voyage of mimi, but didn't learn from ben
We're simple predators, but sharks strike fear in us
Our ship captain is drunk now, who's steering us?
Politician pinocchios like, believe in us!
Ahab, the whales are all like, you hearing us!?

(hook 2x)
If you live in the burbs, the farm or the projects
You can prey for the profits or be one of the prophets
It all depends on us, you want our death to be upon us?
We can tell each other lies, but the waves are always honest

(verse 2)
Awkword's honest, no fear, i run with the ocean project
Corporate piranhas, no tears, turn salt water pools toxic
Free willy, and free shamu
Join actor ted danson and you can sea world too
Before the waters that connect us are too polluted to see through
Or you can float above skeletons, riding your sea-doo
10,000 tons of fish are hooked by us each day
While the oceans acidify, sure there's no climate change
Tell that, to extinct species, that lived in a dead zone
Go ask an oceanographer bout the gulf of mexico
And while we, develop the coasts, for pretty spots, to dock our boats
We kill the kids! destroying estuaries and mangroves
Contaminated seabeds, from companies overreaching
Multiplied by a million, from waste dumping and leaching
Imagine this above the sea, we'd be on the streets screaming
It's a miracle that anything's left, down in the ocean breathing

(hook 2x)

(verse 3)
Now let's be honest, it's bigger than world oceans day
Lets' make a promise, to make, every day, oceans day
In so many ways, we're so afraid, but you can be brave
Here's five steps to protection to stop, digging them graves
Step one, harness and utilize, your purchasing power
Eat sustainable fish only and pull a brick from the white tower
Step two, vote in politicians who wanna clean the earth
Who advocate less drilling and, creating marine reserves
Step three, be efficient with your waste disposal
And listen to daddy, turn off the lights like you're supposed to
Step four, support the orgs that lobby and research
Give whatever you can, or volunteer, don't be deterred
Step five, my people, it's the easiest of all
Just visit every zoo and aquarium, committed to being evolved
And i'm a remind the bad guys, they'll never be absolved
Until, this resolved, let's all rewind and replay this song

(hook 2x)

The ocean project... world oceans day... 2014 and forever... protest music

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