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If you know about my archive
Then you know the gods live
Real talk, kill a nigga quick over my hard drive
Its crazy cause im gang related, and i got mob ties
Have your whole family, in the garage hog tied
Put your bones under the earth, i dinosaur you
How many of them things you need, i got em for you
My first car was a benz, so i m kind of spoiled
No such thing as a nigga being kind of loyal
Your money long when you need people to count it for you
Before you build a house, you got to lay down the soil
By now you deep in, the slowest whip i got is a v-10
Some ms on stash, at least 10
For what it worth god, hard work always beat talent
If talent dont work hard
Now we can take it further or just leave it at that
But im a leave you with a fact, its much deeper than rap

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