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Rodney Carrington

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Deer hunting's real popular where i live. y'all deer around here. a lot of ya deer hunt, what do ya use to kill a deer with here. gun,car, gun. you people do shit different in charllote. see, ya sit out in a big old camouflauge buick going there he is. start it up real slow. a guy the other night hollered out a stick, you know you gotta be a bad son of a bitch to kill a deer with a stick. he said i was out in the bushes, i left my damn gun in the truck, a deer snuck up on me, i grabbed a stick and i beat the shit out of him. i had to ride that fucker for a mile, i killed his ass though, i ripped one of his horns off and stabbed him with that son of a bitch. got a friend who hunts where i live, he's one of them guys that has them vietnam flashbacks, he ain't never been in vietnam. fucker is crazy, if you go hunting with him you walk into the woods, get down i smell him! what the hell do you smell? i smell deer, get down. you smell deer shit, you're laying in it. he looked at me and said if we don't kill a deer lets go snake hunting. fuck that! i don't even like seeing them by accident, i don't want to go look for the damn thing. you ever hear somebody say you see a snake off in the woods be still, he'll bite your ass if you move. anybody ever just stood there when you seen a snake. told him there are two movements, a ball movement and a physical movement. shit and run. catch mate! he killed a snake and he's cutting it up in little pieces and i go, now what the hell are you doing now? he goes we gonna eat. no, we ain't.

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