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Step into the land of the metronome man
Click, click, click, bang! suicide again
Black army-boots like motley crue
Chew barley root, imma attach the charley troop
Im the walking, talking stephen hawking
Dna genes were auctioned for genius offspring
Bus a nigga g rap style, back em down
Gamma omega delta make mushroom cloud
On stage with masks and shrouds, we capture the crowd
On festival grounds, two-hundred decibels loud
Alchemists calculate the calculus, climb through the mountain mist
Then drink from the fountain of spit
Its like liquid wasabi or pool sharks swimming in saki
Annunaki tried to psychically block me
The rhyme authors silent partner
In the back of the phantom my girl performs at the opera
Im about to join her
The battlefield mortician in the mortuary talking friendly
Coughing heavy, pouring henny
Quadraphonic macho hot-shit
Hello, im in the bio crawling through croc shit

Industrial strength, never fuck with the cousin of death
Eyes open, wide scopin, check, fuck a bling
Ive got an at-4 with a sling
Stand far away from the door when it ring
War of the worlds part two want you
What you gonna do when we lock and load troop?
Shoot! lay a hundred down with one dummy round
Thuggery style, bloody ground, fuck your money now
Def con zero, who the fuck didnt get the memo
Kick your best flow, lets go

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