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Now the cold war of inferiors begins
Fear that goes deeper increasingly
Begins to enfold our bodies
Hatred flowing from their devastating eyes
Spills to our face.
Defeat their greed
Never surrender!
Last bullet will be shot 'till last man dies
I will shield my chest against the napalm coming from the sky
This hooded crows will try 'till everyone falls
Destroy our world for us not to live in
Resist, so that our end could be salvation
Marshes we stuck could be our slaves
Burning soil could appreciate you
Die bravely, so that our souls become free
Last bullets...
Fight! fight with them, never fall
Fight! never give in! we won't lose so easy
There will be good days and happy ends again
The fallen, the beaten will smile again
Every drop of blood will gifted with honor
So die and take our souls back.

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