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Date de parution : 16/07/2010

Durée : 0:05:32

Style : Heavy Metal

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Wasting feeling breeding inside me
A shadow of something crawling behind me
And im pretending theres nothing in there
But hearing those whispers makes me to believe

Here, i lay in my bed tasting bitter sweet
Smell, in my breathe reminding smell of death
Dreams, in my head slowly fade away
The end is nearby me and i want it to be

The king, inside my head seducing me to betray
You, the only one making myself me
The loss, in my life great it will be
The game is taking me and the prize is defeat

Inevitable, my destiny
Best friend i've ever met
Hands stretching up to reach the sky

Grobing for a life-hold a place to stay
Fingers are slipping and im falling down
Into the world i know the world of sadness

Room, in my heart empty as a well
Still waiting for the victory to take
In vain, i've lost this game before i've even born
Defeat, my destiny all i ever get

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