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Date de parution : 02/12/2005

Durée : 0:03:31

Style : Rock

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All this fire, this recurent desire. face
Face to face
With the water, running through your words
You can play your own game, play your own, game

Then i dont want to break your arms
Cause you know, im tired now
So ill give you all, what everybody is waiting for
Like a certified experimented innocent
And then blame myself

One more, injury to my self-esteem
All i need is the air, that i breath
We both, do rain or fire, dancing
As were getting all attacked
We both want to use this land

Oh we swore, to make it even stronger
Through time and space
If you ever doubted about your own devotion
Youll turn your back on your senseless passion

Are you doing well there, buried by yourself ?

Like someone laughing in the rain
Insulted by the weight of words

Fighting fire with fire

The first regeneration phase
And the only failure you should avoid

This is our battle station

But you wanted to ignore it
Should i stand aside those things you break ?

So bring down your ass when you want

Ill fight back the wind in your sails
Fight back the wind in your sails
Now, now, now, now

Ill be laying down
Ill be laying
Oh champion, oh champion !

Now i see your brilliance
Cause its so
Strong, and frictionless

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