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I Divide

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Date de parution : 09/10/2011

Durée : 0:03:04

Style : Rock

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I think ive been here before but i dont recognise the sky, the ground the noises, peoples stares and trading voices. the pictures in my head are fading, the colours of this place degrading, now im lost again in the ruins of my mind.
Im the one whos now forgotten in this place where im not welcome and all of this was all for you, im standing here alone. i cant read between the lines when theyre both two worlds apart and i keep thinking about the place i thought this was.
Save me, cause im lost in doubt. so save me from just fading out.
I have been waiting here for far too long, my mind is giving up. im more alone now i have lost the place, the place i call my home.
I never said that im a saint but who deserves to feel this faint? spend all their time just tracing steps of paths theyve crossed before and now im stepping back, whilst moving on. am i too late to see this, or can i turn back time?

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