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Ray Koefoed

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Waiting for them to pop up
I got my butter and maple syrup
Strawberries on the side in a cup
And then some whipped cream
But only a dollop
Hot waffles two by two
And i'll probably have some more
When i'm through with you
Waffles in my eyes
Are like the cheese to a mouse
That's why i currently reside
Inside a waffle house

Delicious waffles on my brains
Causing hunger pangs
I have to get me some
Delicious waffles

I don't care where they sell them
I'll swim all the way to belgium
Stand back i'm like a dangerous felon
In a crazy feeding frenzy every time
That i smell them
Grandma makes them best
With some chocolate on top
I'll probably die of diabetes
If she doesn't stop
I eat awful fast
When i eat waffles slow
So you can bet your molasses
I'll never let go this eggo

(chorus repeated)

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