Paroles de Delusions of grandeur

The Unholy Prophet

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Now you have the power
Now you have the peace (peace)
Love me for what i've done
And asked for my guidance
My minions
And just never ever question my words

My rules

You are the chosen ones
You will live in peace
You can dream about love
But please
Stay at your place
And please
Keep the secret

The secret of our eden
The secret of our zion
The secret of our family
The secret of my mind
You can live forever
In the arms of god
Just hold
Please keep

Just keep the secret of our lullaby
Step by step, we will touch god
And now dream of our lullaby
Creation of human being

This is not a dream
Even less an illusion
This is just your delusions of grandeur
Stay with us
And don't break your promise
You're now the son of jonestown

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