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Drama Queen

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Dem na like me
And me na like them
Dem are are me enemy
Dem aren't ma friend (2)

Me come again

Verse 1:
Dem nuh like me and me no like them
Too much informing a cause a problem
Where the realers where the fakers at
Oh these haters mad
That's a hating fact
Rude gyal, drama queen , dirty money , swagg clean
Kingston to the bronx , it's a murder scene
I see dem haters watching hard like why pree, me
Haters acting like they got it though
I see them looking with ya looking ass looking broke
Look at them u cud see the fake in they eyes
And u can see the fake all in they smile
Bitches fronting , they really really fronting
Who gassed they ass up
When mi come trew mi done em
They say what they want but them cyan tell me nothing
A so them gwan bad but them bad till me buck em


Verse 2 :
Broke ass girls worried bout shit
Im thinking how many ways i can get rich
I'm from a place where we drink rum n bun spliff (and dump quick)
Keep my biz to my self so these haters hate it
Them bad mind gyal them no fucking mek it
If i don't take my money , ima fucking take it
Go tell ya friend drama run things n regulate it
I'm really on it i'm really really on it
I don't want ya man but ya dude really on me
Cause money on my mind, m-money all the time
I'm tryna get this money man no 9 to 5

Go tell ya friend dat me a try run things again / go tell ya friend me a run it 24/7 (x2)