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Tory Lanez

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(verse) off the station, the studio
Groupie hoes will give it to ya like
Julio in the movie, move the moody like i got a prolem
She told me lean ova and pop yoself an oxycado
I told her neva, i don't do drugs
Only thing we poppin' is a few slugs
If niggas stop plottin' on em new drugs
Too dub, long corners ?
I been killin' these niggas like
I'm jimmy from the klu-klux i'm makin' money now,
I'm on tour these women love me so they encore
These niggas hate me, but they know they got the wrong boy
I been channel's first tippin' without the bonjour
Unsure of these niggas cuz
I don't know if they just pop it fo' the moment or

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