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The fly is so lucky, when it's head
Falls in front of me

I'm not dead, but my bed
Is above me- hello?

(is it easy?)
When you look at me,
With your 'strawberry' eyes

I'm here, drafted and
Suffocating in your drawn-fairy lies- i'm out there

But sometimes you think it's
So easy when you leave me
You leave me, i have nothing for after

Do you think i want to
Walk the streets? the streets
Take my heart to the dump when i looked after you

Sometimes it would be so easy if where my heart is (was) black!

Sometimes the dark and then turns into black

If it was so easy i could not fail?

I don't even want to go back!

I saw how easy it went when you weren't back

I wish i could be easy then but,
You took 'out run', i had to be destroyed out of it
I had- it was easy adventures in our fridge
It was locked inside, i was in the 'eye'
I was living in a treasure of mine,
I am (was) once a slave, "but it's not working!"
I was once imprisoned in your heart but, it sank
I don't know how to get above high
"daddy's working. dumb kid, your goodbye?"
I looked at the young, his eyes, "i'm above high?!"
"daddy's working, i am ready to die..."
I was in pictures, damn, i am a young guy?
"i want pictures, i don't want to die."
I am abra, cause i'm not a fly
I am in pictures, not time to fade