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I spy with my little eye anything here that i can buy
I see a little thatched cottage looking so neat
With compulsory purchase we can buy it up cheap

Then we'll pull up the floor boards
Knock down the walls
Rock the foundations until the house falls

Like a pack of cards crashing to the ground
Then we'll build a row of identical boxes
And sell them all off at treble the profits, demolition

The deeds are in my pocket
I've got a contract in my hand
An opportunity for luxury living

I'll arrange the mortgage
To be repaid a hundred percent
I can't wait around so make your decision

We'll buy up all the cottages
And every house and every street
Until we've got everything we need

Every town in the vicinity
Every farm and village green
We're gonna buy up everything

Then it's demolition, demolition

Two up, two down
It hasn't got a garden but it's got a lovely patio
Stainless steel kitchen sink, gas fired central heating

Specifically designed for modern-day living
Nothing's permanent, nothing lasts
We've sold all the houses so put 'em up fast

We're gonna buy up this town and pull it all down
How i love to hear the demolition sound
Of concrete crashing to the ground, demolition

It's time to make some money
It's time to get rich quick
It's the wonderful world of capitalism

I've got to make a profit
Got to satisfy my greed
It's my faith and my religion

Demolition, demolition

And we'll buy up the towns
And we'll knock 'em all down
Build a brand new world of our own
And we'll buy up the towns
And we'll knock 'em all down
Build a brand new world of our own

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