Paroles de Den of sin

Jerry Leger

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You let them down
How could you believe
That one's precious life
Is just wild and free
No arrow to walk no hymn left to sing
You've been made to think twice
In their den of sin
Sometimes the mind
Is like a lonely jail hall
It echoes with pain
And hears every call
Makes you feel hopeless
Makes you regret and forgive
But you'll pay every price
In their den of sin
The juke joint still rattles
Mad dances still smile
Your glass is the master of ceremonies
The sky looks depressed
And you laugh penniless
You say "when will the angels come looking for me?"
You weep and you hammer
On a cold floor of stone
Whatever you do
You do it alone
It's a room where the sunshine can never flow in
It's the world in your mind
The den of sin
Den of sin

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