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Black force domain through the tyranny circle,
Eternal blasphemies,
Infernal manifesto

Sitting at the dark throne
Drinking blood wine,
Hunger for the innocent blood,
The religious slayer

The art of deviant
Denial of gods

Blood of the 7th sin,
Eternal blasphemer
Unholy desecration,
Marching to hells

Through the 7th skies
I sworn to the devils for my eternal
Devotee ov the hellfernal blasphemies

The art of deviant
Denial of gods

Proud to be the blasphemer
Hail eternal the mighty beast
7th sign of the 7th sin
Worship the darklords

Holy blood impurity
Diminished the gods wilt
Salve the wicked goat
Drinks the semen of satan!!

The art of deviant
Denial of gods

Sin is all i see, darkness is all i saw,
I am the dark deity,
Vanishing thy lights ov gods

Denial of religions
The black blood sprayed,
Drink the unholy semen,
Satanic desire.

The art of deviant
Denial of gods

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