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The Black Dahlia Murder

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Date de parution : 15/09/2009

Durée : 0:03:43

Style : Rock

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Traitor, how you've betrayed our blood
Broken the bond that had set us apart
From this world so unforgiving
Can it be true that i once walked through fires with you?

Forced to cut you down just another enemy
The road long fought to victory
Cancerous poisoning anchored by this weakest link
Turn your lying face in utter shame
Denounced, disgraced

We bury you now still while you breathe
Dead as the void that you've left here in me
Deeper and deeper spent memories
Cremating all that would bear your disease

An end is what you wanted
The end is what you'll receive
Onward into battle forever we soldier
Unflinchingly undying and free

Forced to cut you down just another enemy stripped of immortality
Cancerous poisoning how the smallest violin does sing
As the obituaries cries out your cursed name
Now as the towers fall crumbling at our feet
Lay down your sword you must answer to me

Leper, banished to be
We punish your treason unmercifully
Liar, ears deaf to your pleas
There'll be no remorse, no sympathy, bleed

That very blade which lead you to battle in defense of our name
Shall cut a red ring 'round your throat
Too little too late, the flood waters break
While you've dared to call down the most savage of storms

Violent reprisal written in blood
To so cruelly be made an example of
To so cruelly be made an example of
This is war, revenge has been sworn

Ha, as the towers fall crumbling at your feet
Lay down your sword, you must answer to me
Now impaled pariah disown your majesty
Your grave been not welcome here amidst the halls of elite

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