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Date de parution : 04/05/2010

Durée : 0:06:24

Style : Rock

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The shadow of the earth
Abyssing your lonely water-visage
Giving us a breather from the yoke of the star
Before utter oppression restarts
In a schism of major zones of remote dreams
Where i own the empire
You hand me the keys
And the sceptre of your playground
A parade of fast satellites across a slow night-sky
And once again it's dawn
They're made of steel and chrome
The screams propagating through
The coldness of the outer space
It's a message no-one is gonna get
There in the infinite abyss of the night
And not making a noise we quietly deorbit
And the night that i gave up the way
All the songs have returned to silence
And my friend of the other side
Was the witness to that miscarriage
But the truth was not by my side
I was blinded from all those dark things
So the night (that) i let you go astray
Couldn't see the full extent
Of all the hate that followed

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