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Black Ceezar

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Im on my large pro
Lookin at the front door
Toss you the keys, im gone adios
Im ghost
Speak of me in the past tense
When you reminisce i hope its with passion
I hope you smirk, and you smile and start laughing
On them days i was an ass
And i did shit just to make you mad
Good days were had
Bad days were too
Thought there was a lot of thing we wouldnt work through
But we did. and your friends
Who cant keep a man
Do keep two cents to add to the mix
Telling you shit
Like you changed, they dont know you
Fuck i dont know you
And you dont know me. we know each other in the biblical sense
Its like were total strangers living in here
We know the basic info
Secrets unfold
At a slow tempo
Love takes time and time means growth
I feel like i cant take it no mo
Standing in the doorway hands on the doorknob
You in the hallway, hand on your hips staring odd
Callin me by my government
I smirk. she dont know how much i love it when
Ever she does that shit
We fall in and out of love, this is an out phase
I see a picture of us smiling and do an about face
Maybe we should sit down and talk about things

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