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Date de parution : 25/02/1992

Durée : 0:04:11

Style : R&B/Soul

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(dallas austin, lisa "left eye" lopes)

Guys they always wonder about me (yeah, i hear ya "t")
Cause everything i have is my own (i'm feelin' dis)
There's no other way you can doubt me (and i'm listenin')
Before i trust you i'll just be here alone
Can i tell ya, can i tell ya, can i tell ya

Gosh golly dern so you still haven't learned
Well i'll be a damn fool
See cause it's headaches you've honestly earned me
You're jackin' da plan i'm like who are you man
Peter pan but it's still cool g
Slack off my back slip da hell out
My knee and yo correct dat effect
I'm not feelin dis g

I can depend on myself
I don't need anybody else
To be on my back like that, to be on my back like that

Guys they always wonder what's with me
(say what, say what, say what)
I never let them get in too close
I have my own control

I can't be bought or sold
And i never have to do what i'm told
Yo ladies are you feelin' what i'm sayin'

Well smoke okey doke as if this was a joke
Cause you think you got balls of the great n' black jaws
But your leg i will poke like an egg crackin' a busted yolk
It's a negative cause i won't pause
Til you truthfully see are you
Listenin' to me til you truthfully
See indendently like i handle myself
I need nobody else


A fist full of fate how much more can i take
This is 6 minus 7 plus 1 ending none you should go to
Where i'm comin' from take your turn tryna teach
A dumb-dumb so it be just a bad memory
Til you truthfully see are you listenin' to me
Til you truthfully see independently
Like i handle myself i need nobody else


I can depend on myself

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