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Censors talkin' nightmares stalkin'
Recipes that they taught you
Government pays my rent
So what they say it must be true
Friends and lovers undercover
Supporting what their mommies say
I've got the feel let's make a deal
One day i'll blow your mind away
Wine and famine
Psychic slammin'
We're deprogrammin'
Get your chance in
We're deprogrammin' you
Over night little christs
Control your laws so they don't bleed
Appreciate disentegrate
Eliminate what you don't need
Give my life back
Like the way it was
On the day i was born
Without a trace
My innermost self
What they didn't make
In their machine the human race
Take what you know
And throw it away
Their foolish rules
And passing fads
There are no lines
Or good or bad
Everything is what you had

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