Paroles de Depths

Cale Anderson

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A female made her marks in history,
I have no answers, though i have a few theories.
He cried, while she weaped & she questioned his belief,
That thought made a note, her mind made a melody.

Many things went wrong in her completely dreadful life,
Before she made the right discovery, her darkness turned to light.
She made love to her angels, while her demons raped her soul,
She locked herself in her own mind & set a final goal.

Her family is lost & her friendship group was stained,
Her mother was a hypocrite, her father was deranged,
Her prison walls were angled & her screaming wasn't heard,
She learnt to keep her mouth shut & she spoke her final word.

This goal had her the cure, which would leave her demons dead,
But she knew she'd have another fucked up thought inside her head.
Once the deed was done & her whole mind was rid of shit,
Her balance was unstable & her character had split.

Her personality is running in a different state,
While one side's filled with love & the other's filled with hate.
She questions her decisions, but she'd never make her own,
Half her minds run by the man who's been there since she's known.

His only love had left him, while she broke his brittle heart,
Information was the one thing holding thier love as a part.
He'd make the right decisions, she drove the man insane,
Seperated from his body, but his spirit would remain.

It's funny how it started from a teardrop in the eye,
Which would form into a disease which would bring the man to die.
The girl's been locked in prison from the crime she did commit.
Though she didn't know the prison's in her mind, where she would sit.

He remembered what had happened & he got inside her head,
He knew the only way to be with her, he turned her mindset red.
So he filled her mind with thoughts until she finally believed,
That she couldn't live without him & she'd have to rest in peace.