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Coheed And Cambria

pochette album Deranged
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Date de parution : 04/10/2011

Durée : 0:04:26

Style : Soundtrack

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This citys lost all hope, i repeat, i boast
The strange will walk alone
They scurry with their doubt
The darkness shrouds, the sirens shout
Against the concrete below
Oh, this works out for you and me its all our being
We will burn this city down

Who will be your pretty little enemy?
When im gone your world will prove empty
I promise, you will always remember me
The jokes on you, poisoning
While you clean the streets of misfortune
I pick the innocent from my dirty teeth
Were one and the same deranged

We were our worst nightmares delight
And i promised you,
As you always knew
This worlds no paradise
There is no me without you
I will behave, i will be
An afterthought my make believe
Your darkest day is your friend in need

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