Paroles de Descent into the maelstrom

Radio Birdman

pochette album Descent into the maelstrom
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Date de parution : 17/07/2001

Durée : 0:04:24

Style : Rock & Roll

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Took a ride on the ocean, started swimming out
Lost sight of land, time ran out
Arms getting heavy, exhaustion's setting in
Waves getting bigger, life's getting thin

My brain was screaming
My mind said, no
My mouth was bleeding
Said you gotta all go, hey

Hit the high side monster wave
Buried at sea in an early grave
Free fall dive, thousand feet pit
Cliffs of water turning adrenochrome hit, hip, hip

Death like animals, death of slaves
Death of humans getting sucked away
Ships, trucks and planes, million screaming heads
Agonized moaning from the island of the dead, hey

I'm going down into maelstrom
Baby, i'm going down into maelstrom
Going down, gonna drown, going down, gonna drown
Gonna take your hand

Alive, alive, alive
Alive, alive, alive
Alive, alive, alive
Alive, alive, alive
Alive, alive, alive
Alive, alive

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