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With the oom-pah-pah
With the oom-pah-pah
Alright, let's go to uh new tracks.
That's like quack-quack, meep-meep-meep, fart-fart, eeh-haww.
It's that old guy.
That smoosh-faced dude, i'm telling you, i seen him yesterday and i seen him like two day... i seen him for years. he wear's, like, an army coat, he's like an older, little dude.
Oh yeah, yeah, i seen him down in little italy.
He's like quack-quack-quack, marrrrp, (he bugs people out) rawr-rawr, bwar-bwar, rawr-mahh-mahh-nahh-nahh.
But he's kinda, like, autistic or something.
He's a freak.
He's like meeeeeeeeeeehr.
But he looks like he might have some...
He's struggling.
I only seen him, just like, with a army coat on, never with any shit. sometimes i seen him with a bird caller. meeeeow, quack-quack-quack, meeh-meeh-meeeeh.
And bird and weird shit... fart sounds.
Yeah like, there's a guy though by aster place too, though.
Anyway, that's mean.
Meeeeh, fart, quack-quack, meeh-ouww.
Hehe, bugs. people. out... he's like totally, like, bugging people out, like, for real.
Uh, reallllly. totally.
It's like a flag at half mast as frames click fast
Not a thing will las...
I th... i like it, i say let's go on another track.
Okay, bad boy!

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