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The Alternate Routes

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Date de parution : 08/06/2010

Durée : 0:06:25

Style : Rock

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Desdemona, help yourself
I hear you mourning at the dawn
Desdemona, ask which side
Of all this lying are you on

Did you build yourself a runway?
Did you tell yourself tomorrow?
Did you cry?
And are you dressed in hesitation
When you tell yourself that everything's alright?

Cause i see a distance in your smile
And what your mondays have become
Could be the rest of your life
Desdemona, you're not dead yet
No it's not wrong
If you want everything in life under the sun
Under the sun

Desdemona, you're in love
Do not forget about yourself
Desdemona, bring the people
That you love inside your hell

Cause you are younger in the eyes of those who see you
Please forget about the time
And throw yourself out on these brave and empty branches
In the winter waiting high.

'cause everybody's out there killing time
And i will be damned to let you stand here killing mine.
Don't you know we're gonna change a whole world today
We stop waiting on the world to change

Desdemona, we are not so very different
Do you see?
And at the moment braver still
Than what our minds let us believe

Even the walls that will surround you
Somehow steady by your very own hands
I don't know just how to change you
All i know is how to tell you that you can

Cause i'll never tell you how to live
But you keep on telling me
That's just the way it is
Desdemona more then anything i know
Never tell yourself that's just the way it goes
I know it goes
But what do i know

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