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Deathspell Omega

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Death is coming fast
She's my only faith
And no one will be ignored
This is a sick quest
I know i'm insane
But i don't want to be cured
I'm the desecration master
In search of the ultra violence
Addicted to the taste of blood
Hunting prey certainly
I need to see and fell humans suffering
Eyes full of fear imploring my mercy
No need to use weapons that kill too fast
I use my own hands to touch the petrified skin
It's almost possible to watch the light of life,
Vanishing and turning into a fancus orgasm
Ususally using rape for female creatures
I ejaculate inside the dead body
But my satisfaction quickly disappear
Until the next time i dream of massacre
Satan will guide me forever
The sacret face of god will be traked down

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