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Ebony Ark

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Shivering once again
There is nothing to stop bleeding
Heavier than wounds and yearnings
Won't you tell wich are yours desires?

In your dreams i have never been your sin
Now i'm dancing in this ache of emptydays

Lost the faith i stroke the pain
And i've never blamed
No one's pride stops
The affliction inside

This silent madness, just pull me under

Angels crying
Angels crying among those memories
Is what i'm dying for
Angels crying
Angels crying, can't bear all shades on me
Is what i'm dying for

Drowning beyond the sea
Inner voices guide my sickness
Tear out your fears and shyness
Naked passion is one's desires

I was weak trying to aproach to your lips
Now i'm dancing in this ache of empty days

I creep insane by your skin,
Like poisoned pleasure,
Must be unreal
Dim thought have turned to dust
And spelt by your glance
And frightened by shadows
I lie here...

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