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Some say that man isn't capable of love;
Just domination, pesky old lust.
I don't know if that's true,
That can't be all that we do.

Now get your golden sections and your cute little curls,
Heat up those erections, find those products---(?),

Desiiire (biological),
De-si-i-i-i-i-ire (so insatiable),
Desii-iiire (it's only natural),

It won't leave me alone.
Then make you follow me home.
No, penetration isn't all that it's about.
That stuffs for youngsters and religiously devout,

I need something more to feel,
And i've gone mission resumed,
Now lubricate those dildos, ----- (?),
We got clitoris rings and studded scrotal sacks.

Desire (biological),
De-si-i-i-i-ire (irrepressible),
Desii-ire (psychosexual),

It simply won't let me be;
It gets so easy to see...

I'm talking consenting adults and closed doors,
Not for pornography or breaking any laws,
A little spice- little fun,
You don't have to tell anyone...

Now time to rise those corpuscles, secretin' endorphins,
Spasms, pulses, orgasms, and glandular things,

Desire (biological),
De-si-i-i-i-ire (it's irresistible),
Desii-ire (can't-(?)-missable),

Once i see ya sensin'
That always leaves me undone...

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