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Date de parution : 15/05/2003

Durée : 0:06:01

Style : Rock

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Seduced by the fire of power
Blessed with the gift of deception
I will become the reigning master
Fullfilling my desires for perfection

My strength is your comfort, your shield and protection
Your godly awe is my injection

So easy to tell you what you want to hear
Even easier to hide my actions
Using the gift of rhetoric
I drown you with my complications

Through a perversion of liberty i offer you monarchy
In the name of reality i give you tyranny

By the filth i reign, conquer and deceit
Building my empire on your defeat
A mission, a vision of a dark desire
Using your fear as fuel for my fire

Bow! i am the master, you are the puppet in my game
Die! i control your laughter, you worship my name
Clever as the fox, strong as a beast
I am the puppeteer reigning on fear

I create the fear i produce the enemy
You give me pleasure and sovereignty
There are many truths, i chose narcissistic one
By the time you see my nature,
I am long gone

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