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On desserted island the sugar shores taste so sweet
Where pink and yellow dolphins remind me to eat
The candy covered coconuts and ripe chocolate dipped bananas
Where you and i wrote our names in a marshmallow sky

Window shop at the gummy gumdrop shop climb brownie mountain to the top
(ooooh desserted island)
So we can ride the chocolate mud slide all the way down to gingerbread town
(ooooh desserted island)
Make a stop for some fizzy soda pop ride the bubblegum balloon to our favorite spot
(ooooh come with me yeah)
Over by strawberry shortcake lake where we spent all day on our very first date
(ooooh come with me yeah yeah)

I'm sending you a message
In an empty soda bottle
And the only thing written
Is remember who you are
Cause' your a star creator
A complete universe generator
And no matter what happens
In the end your gonna be laughing

Because life doesn't have to make sense
It's just a candy carousel of events
Ride it as many times as you want
Should you fall you can always get back on
Dream your dreams make a new reality
Dream your dreams be what you wanna be

On desserted island we can take a ride in a root beer floaty boat
Because the ice cream never melts no matter where we go
Mini cherry pies fall from the sky catch one with a mouth open wide
Or play a game of musical chairs with a bunch of funny gummy bears

Go fish for jelly beans in a whipping cream stream watch out for the doughnut holes under your feet
(ooooh desserted island)
Take rocky road till we see the powdered sugar snow then take a left to where caramel apples grow
(ooooh desserted island)
Pick a few to take on home with you oops shoes got stuck in jelly avenue
(ooooh come with me yeah)
But it's ok we don't need them anyway cause' this is a soft and fluffy place
(ooooh come with me yeah)

Ooooh yeah just let yourself dream
And be who you really want to be

Chorus x 2

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